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Withnall, M. Blais, N. Weinstein, L. Berman, K. Greiner, D. Oakley, U. Giger Section of Medical Genetics and Penn Animal Blood Bank, Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA Advances in veterinary medicine in recent years have dramatically increased the availability and use of canine and feline blood products. Understanding the role of blood types in dogs and cats and the inheritance of blood types is therefore important for veterinarians, breeders, and pet owners.

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Blood typing, in any species, is necessary to improve the safety and efficacy of transfusions. In cats, the knowledge which blood typing provides can also prevent fatal neonatal isoerythrolysis during the first days of life.

Methods for blood typing and crossmatching have become available for use in the laboratory and in clinical practice. Blood Types Blood types represent genetically determined markers on the surface of red blood cells erythrocytes and are both species-specific and antigenic.

The first marker of malignant disease in modern medicine was identified in by the English physician-chemist Henry Bence-Jones. Yet, at that time, of course, he was not aware that the protein named as Bence-Jones he discovered, was a pathogenic indicator of multiple myeloma. The classic era of tumour markers started in the s with the discovery of two leading oncofetal antigens, alpha-fetoprotein AFP and carcinoembryonic antigen CEA.

Antigenicity refers to the likelihood that the immune system will react and make antibodies, known as alloantibodies or isoantibodies, against the foreign substance. These antibodies can be detected in the animal's plasma.

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A blood group system is made up of a set of allelic blood types i. Both species-specific antisera and chemical reagents, directed against specific red blood cell antigens, are used in in-vitro blood-typing methods.

A positive result occurs if there is clumping hemagglutination or rupture hemolysis of red blood cells exposed to the antiserum or typing reagent.

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Individuals who lack a particular red cell prostate tumour marker test may develop antibodies against the blood type containing that antigen if sensitized to it via a mismatched transfusion. These alloantibodies are responsible for incompatibility reactions. There are at least a dozen DEA types known, although currently we can only test for a few. In addition to the Élelmiszer- szóda a prosztatitis ellen DEA systems, the University of Pennsylvania has recently identified a novel canine blood group system known as Dal.

Dal may be prostate tumour marker test in an unknown proportion of Dalmatians.

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A dog can either be positive or negative for each specific DEA. If positive, the antigen of that blood type is present on the red cell surface and if negative, the antigen is missing. DEA 1. In dogs without prior sensitization to cells bearing a foreign antigen, no clinically significant alloantibodies have been recognized against blood types different to the individual's own type. Sensitization will occur if DEA 1.

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This results in the formation of strong alloantibodies against the DEA 1. A delayed transfusion reaction occurs as the body builds up these alloantibodies over time and destroys the transfused red blood cells still in circulation.

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Delayed transfusion reactions can be seen in as little as a week following the original mismatched transfusion. Subsequent transfusions with DEA 1. In the time since the mismatched transfusion was administered, the body has formed alloantibodies.

These antibodies are now available to bind to the foreign antigen on the DEA1.

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The role of DEA 1. If the blood type of the recipient is unknown a DEA 1. Blood-typing cards are available for in-house use DMS Laboratories, Flemington, NJ and a novel gel test for laboratory use has recently been standardized.

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