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Thereafter, instruments, catheters and diagnostic equipment used in general urology will be introduced to the students. In the following practices, they will take part in patient examination, catheterization, and some other routine urologic procedures. In the following practices, specific urologic diseases, differential diagnosis, and alternative treatments will be discussed as a bedside practice.

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The emphasis will be on genitourinary congenital Vom 1 1 prosztatitis, obstructive uropathy, urolithiasis, uro-infections, male infertility, erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence and other minor urologic diseases. The etiology, risk factors, diagnosis, alternative treatments, and follow up of these diseases will be discussed in detail. Vorlesungen 1.

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Physical examination of the GUT - Dr. Farkas László 2. Diagnostic uro-radiology.

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Radioisotopic kidney studies. Jávorházy András 3. Urinary Tract Infections I. Péterfi Lehel 4. Urinary Tract Infections II. Péterfi Lehel 5. Benign prostatic hyperplasia BPH. Damásdi Miklós 6.

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Villányi Kinga 7. Urinary incontinence. Urodynamic studies - Dr. Pytel Ákos 8.

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Tumors of the kidney. Pusztai Csaba 9.

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Tumors of the testis. Bányai Dániel Carcinoma of the prostate.

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Pytel Ákos Tumors of the bladder. Tumors of the Penis, Pyelum, Ureter.

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Emergency in urology - Dr. Pusztai Csaba Male sexe dysfunction - Dr. Szántó Árpád László Praktika 1. The practices usually follow the lectures according to the availability of such patients in the given day. Tanagho, Jack W. McAninch: Smith?

Acta Chirurgica 8. Ruszinkó: Angaben zur Ätiologie des vesikoureteralen Refluxes P. Magasi und B. Ruszinkó: Ätiologie des vesikoureteralen Refluxes HydronephroSe, im steifen Sphinkterrand hypertophierter Colliculus seminalis.