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Cancer Screening Package For Male in Thambu Chetty Palya, Bengaluru

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November Newsletter Dear Patient! The Robert Health Centre has prepared a very special offer for November.

November Newsletter

You have probably already heard of the Movember Foundation, established to call attention to the importance of prostate cancer test blood cancer screening encouraging men to grow a beard during November out of solidarity.

Prostate cancer is the second highest cause of death in Hungary for men over 50, with new cases registered annually. Experts believe this number could be reduced significantly, if, from the age ofmen would attend a screening examination at least once a year, like women do, as a result of campaigns which have been running for years.

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Prostate cancer screening Statistics show that women go to see a doctor, for the purpose of screening examinations, one and a half times compared to men. So, ladies, there is nothing else for it, but to ask men to consider an important circumstance; namely, that their families need them.

Email Men who took soy supplements after having their prostate cancer removed were just as likely to see their cancer return as men who didn't take soy, in a new study.

Quite a lot, actually! Have you ever thought about how you could convince the men in your family to attend a screening examination intended to prevent prostate cancer?

Prostatitis a férfiak órájában A tabletták prosztata listája a kezeléshez

The examination consists of three parts, Prostatitis a férjnél is normally pain-free. It is important for men to realize that the few seconds of discomfort caused by palpation, one of the three examinations, is absolutely nothing compared to having to consult a doctor Prosztatit spin the symptoms of prostate cancer!

To make him feel better, you can also go along with him, or go for a gynaecological screening examination a few days later. In this case, a 30 percent discount would apply to the second examination.

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This all goes to reassure yourself and the family, and to safeguard your health. We look forward to your call.

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The contents and the process of the cancer screening examination Prostate screening involves three methods of examination. Lab test — blood test Thanks to the diagnostic methods, PSAs prostate-specific antigens prostate cancer test blood be detected from a blood test.

The examination is reliable; an increased level of PSA may signify a lesion in the prostate gland, which are, thankfully, not necessarily malignant. They may be caused by infection, or an enlargement of the chestnut-sized organ. Further tests are therefore necessary, which can either confirm the presence of prostate cancer, or the latter diagnosis, an infection or enlargement.

Patients receive the appropriate treatment in this case as well, since an infection of course requires treatment to prevent it from turning chronic, which could cause complaints for the patient for years.

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Ultrasound The pain-free ultrasound examination provides an extremely precise picture and immediate feedback about the structure and the condition of the prostate gland. It also helps to identify prostate glands which are not yet producing any symptoms; if the ultrasound shows inhomogeneity, there could always be a chronic infection or malignant lesion behind this.

Manual examination In the light of the above, the third examination, called palpation, is ever more important.

Antibiotikumok krónikus prosztatitis kezelésekor bladder cancer prostate involvement

It involves the manual examination of the prostate gland through the anus. It is unavoidable and, although patients often consider it unpleasant, it is pain-free.

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Physicians perform it with discretion and care. The price of the prostate cancer screening examination is 26 HUF, and it requires two visits. The contents and the process of the gynaecological screening examination As a first step, the physician opens up the vagina with a tool called the vaginal speculum, to examine the vaginal walls and the condition of the cervical orifice.

Mert mi lehet a prosztat talp A prosztatitis kezelik a népet

Using a long stick, the physician then takes a smear from the surface of the uterine cervix and the cervical orifice. Then, brushing is performed, which helps to identify any suspicious lesions of the epithelium.

The physician then examines the epithelial surface of the cervical orifice, magnified times, using a colposcope. Using the fingers, the physician then performs a bimanual examination of the vagina, the size and the position of the cervix and the ovaries.

akut prosztatitis férfiakban Gyertyák propolis a prostatitis hogyan kell csinálni

A vaginal ultrasound is also often performed, to examine the internal organs, and an abdominal ultrasound may also be made. Scrupulous gynaecologists will then offer a palpation examination of the breasts, since malignant breast lesions are unfortunately becoming more common in younger age groups as well.

Soy doesn't prevent prostate cancer return, study suggests

Finally, the physician will send the smear sample to the laboratory, which will return the results in two to three weeks. If the results show any abnormality, the patient is notified immediately, and requested to attend a follow-up examination. Mária Almási consulting hours: Thursday — Dr.

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