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Department of Dentistry and Oral Surgery Department of Oto-rhino-laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Department of Traumatology Department of Orthopaedic Department of Ophthalmology The present announced programme is based upon the cooperation of 6 departments dealing with surgery.

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The basic aim of this program is to find the best way in preserving the function of different organs despite the surgical intervention, minimizing the inevitable tissue damage during operations. If the only way for cure is the total surgical removal of an organ, the task is to substitute the missing function.

Part of this programme is the substitution when it is performed with help of the armamentarium of surgery. In general, the morbidity and mortality rates are in our country much higher comparing data to western countries.

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Especially frequent diseases are the congenital anomalies, traumatic injuries, tumours, and the vascular diseases. The therapy of these diseases can be managed mostly with the help of the surgery.

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Any novelty in the treatment is always built on the results of the basic sciences, like pathology, pathophysiology, and experimental surgery. The route from the discovery till the clinical application is a Bazsalikom prosztatitis and rough way.

To shorten this distance is our enthusiastic task. The very person for this function is who can combine the clinical experiences with the results of the basic sciences. In our highly specialized world only long training can form such personalities.

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For this reason the proper person who can fulfil our program has to be familiar with minimum one of the seven surgical branches. An advantage is the degree of specialization. The programme incorporates some compulsory courses for every candidate. Beside this — sub programmes may also contain — compulsory courses on their special field.

Within the thematic frame of the programme there is a free scope to promote any individual creation. Instead of the former methods with enormous mutilations the parenchyma saving methods are becoming more general.

This should be taken into consideration by patients with sodium diet or with kidney problems.

These changes were not only consequences of the development of other disciplines but those of surgical research. Nowadays experimental surgery became an organizer of different basic researches with special interests.

Ramified subjects of ours also represent these changes. Our themes originated from bedside and from their successful realization can be hoped the treatment of patients with increasing effect. Both treatment of prostatitis uptodate and acquired illnesses in our field of specialty can cause organ malfunctions presenting as communication disorders e.

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The purpose of our subprogram is to develop, adopt and introduce methods for the possible surgical treatment to maintain the quality of life and to correct somatic disorders of communication such as hearing, speech, breathing, swallowing, olfaction, tasting and cosmetic deformities of the head and neck causing psychological disturbances that may be used to restore, improve or preserve these functions.

It has become increasingly typical of our medical and oto-rhino-laryngological practice to develop and routinely use surgical procedures which are less invasive but more comfortable for the patients and can reach Hogyan lehet megszabadulni a prosztatitis betegségtől function and organ preserving methods.

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Conservation and CO2 laser surgery in the treatment of laryngeal and hypopharyngeal cancers. Research topics — Conventional and CO2 laser surgery in the treatment of laryngeal and hypopharyngeal cancers Treatment of prostatitis uptodate Jenő Czigner MD, DSc — Clinical and experimental study of the laryngeal and hypopharyngeal cancer — immunological and cytogenetic aspects Supervisor: Miklós Csanády jr.

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Our task is to assist, support the regeneration process, to ensure optimum conditions. While studying the complex and retroacting vital processes we can grab and study only part of a treatment of prostatitis uptodate.

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In the seventies the regeneration of the peripheral nervous system was mainly investigated employing morphological and electrophysical methods while in the nineties molecular neurobiological techniques became predominant and lead us to a more thorough knowledge of the operation of the peripheral nerves, regeneration processes. We are aware of the similarities and differences in the operation and structure of the central and peripheral nervous systems thanks to neurochemical, pharmacological as well as molecular biological methods.

The courses offer a detailed analysis of neuronal operation and its damages. The hystological characteristics of the regeneration of bone tissues — bone healing — are well-known.

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Owing to several investigations we know very well the factors that lead to the healing process of the bone. We have for long known the role of biomechanical effects, however, even today we are not able to definitively predict what the effect of fixation, its method, stability, durability of a fracture of mechanical origin will be on the healing of the fractured part.

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With biomechanical examinations and image data-processing of the changes caused by the fracture of the bones, furthermore with computer analysis of the stabilising effect of the fixture we can gain further information. Besides providing morphological and biomechanical knowledge the course also aims at giving an insight into the image data-processing of the skeletal system.

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The moving elements of the human supporting skeletal system are the muscles.